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We welcome and support all people in their enjoyment of reading and pursuit of lifelong learning.  Working together we strive to provide equal access to information, ideas, and knowledge through books, programs and other resources.

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Tuesday 9 am-1 pm 
Wednesday 2-6 pm
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We will be closing for the holiday season on
December 22 and will reopen on January 4th.

Just a reminder, it's not too late to sign up & enjoy our cloudLibrary during the holidays or any other time! ☕📚 (If you haven't already)

Open to new and current patrons. Curbside service is also available.

Book Club:
Our Book Club meets monthly on the last Friday of the month at 9 am.


Free Library Membership:
Waldo Peirce Reading Room Library offers free access to library services. 
Free to all regardless of residence.



How To Find US

Waldo Peirce Reading Room

11A Main Road

Frankfort, Maine 04438



You will find thousands of magazines, newspapers, and references available through this expansive online resources to all Maine citzens!

About Us


On September 23, 1909, The Waldo Peirce Reading Room and Library Association of Frankfort, Maine, was established as a Corporation of the State of Maine.